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AFSC Adult Meeting                                                                                               

Was held on Wednesday 4th December at 8.30am at O'Brien Icehouse

01 The Aussie Team_Opening Ceremony.jpg
2019 Australian Team at Oberstdorf ISU Adult Competition 

Adult Skating

Adult skating these days includes not only those skaters who have grown with the sport from their early years, but also people who have taken up the sport as adults. 

There are now two major ISU adult competitions – one in Oberstdorf each May and another in North America each fall.  These are for adult skaters who have reached at least the age of twenty eight (28) and Synchronized skaters at least the age of twenty five (25).  In Australia skaters can start competing in Adult divisions at eighteen (18).
The Aussie Skate program also incorporates a learn-to-skate stream for adults!

Adults take part in all disciplines including Synchronized skating, Singles, Pairs and Dance, and Theatre On Ice.

A calendar of Adult events in Australia will be posted shortly.  A calendar for International events is below.

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