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Aussie SkateTM Competition and Judging Resources

This is the page for competition and judging information for Aussie SkateTM.

It is a work in progress so please come back regularly for updates.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions for resources, please email

Aussie SkateTM Calculation

From 1st January 2021 Aussie SkateTM Calculation is the judging system to be used for Aussie SkateTM Competitions.  Information about the system is in ISA Communication 120.  

Competition Divisions and Elements

Here are the list of divisions and elements  - updated August 2022

Competition Patterns

For Divisions from Tiny Tots 2 to Intermediate 2 there are standardised patterns for competition.  Elements are in a set order which all skaters must use in competition.

Judging - Guidelines for Marking GOEs

Guidelines for judges to assist when evaluating elements for Aussie SkateTM programs.  

There is a separate set of guidelines for Synchronised Skating.

Judging Sheets

For the latest judging sheets click on the link to request

ISUCalc File Template

If requesting the ISUCalc Template file, click on the link to send a request

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