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Some of the most recent ISU Communications relating to the sport of figure skating

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ISU YouTube Channel


ISU Technical UPDATES from Congress 2018

Decisions of the Congress: Sevilla, Spain ~ Overview and daily outcomes

Congress Agenda and Communications

ISU Comm 2175 ~ Decisions of the ISU Council


ISU Comm 2176 ~ Single & Pair Skating

ISU Comm 2172 ~ Single & Pair Skating, and Ice Dance - Guidelines for International Competitions

(Replaces ISU Communication 2024) Corrected June 25, 2018


ISU Comm 2168 ~ Single & Pair Skating

Scale of Values, Levels of Difficulty and Guidelines for marking Grade of Execution, season 2018/19

(Corrected June 25, 2018 – pages 2, 7, 8 and 12)

ISU Comm 2179 ~ Ice Dance

Various changes accepted by the 57th Congress

ISU Comm 2186 ~ Single & Pair Skating

Scale of Values, Levels of Difficulty and Guidelines for marking Grade of Execution, season 2018/19 (Corrections to 2168)



ISU Handbooks ~ Ice Dance - Pattern Dances Updated for Novice

Please see under [Descriptions and Diagrams (Novices)]


ISU Comm 2159 ~ Synchronized Skating 2018_2019 (replaces Comm 2121)

  • Appendix A - Difficulty Groups of Elements

  • Appendix B - Difficulty Groups of Additional Features


ISU Comm 2148 ~ Ice Dance Requirements for Technical Rules Season 2018/19

ISU Comm 2142 ~ Obligation of Members

Anti-Doping Rules and Procedures


ISU Comm 2147 ~ Decisions of the ISU Council

  1. Congress 2020

  2. Sustainability at events


ISU Athletes Commission

~ List of Nominees

This direct link takes you to the List of Nominees to the ISU Athletes Commission, updated January 18th


ISU Comm 2052 ~ Restructuring of Development Program

This Communication replaces ISU Communication No. 1531

The ISU Development Program was established in 1996 as an essential tool for the promotion and development of the ISU sports. It is the ISU’s global initiative to improve the skating activities of ISU Members in a sustainable way with a total annual development budget of CHF 8 million, which has increased from CHF 6.7 million. The ISU provides frameworks, funding and facilitation to ensure that Figure Skating and Speed Skating are meaningful for current and future generations worldwide. The Program has the following specific objectives:

- To increase the numbers and improve the quality of Skaters, Coaches, and Officials engaged in competitive international Figure Skating and Speed Skating.

- To increase the number of ISU Members able to develop Skaters who are competitive at the international level, both at the highest level and at the level of qualifying for ISU Events and ISU disciplines at the Olympic Winter Games.

ISU Comm 2052 Annexe


ISU Comm 2034 ~ Music Rules

At the 2016 Congress Proposal 236 for Rules 343 and 823 paragraph 1.a) and 2 regarding the music reproduction system was accepted, after a long discussion. 

ISU Comm 2035 ~   Rules of Procedure for the Officials Assessment Commission

Evaluation of Judging - Assessments for the Figure Skating Branch 

This Communication replaces ISU Communication No. 1962 with immediate effect.

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