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Theatre On Ice

TOI as it's affectionately known, combines elements of technical skill with the drama and spectacle of theatre, including story telling.

TOI Teams can vary with age level and team numbers up to 30 skaters.
It provides another enjoying team based discipline for skaters to take part in the sport, especially for those who thrive on expressing their artistic side.
The choreography is designed to include all levels of skating skill in a team and makes for an interesting mix of moves and presentation.

Theatre on Ice Session - 17th September 2021

A Zoom Q&A session was hosted by APSA with Jean-Christophe Berlot and Kate McSwain.  Jean-Christophe is an international TOI referee and seminar presenter.  Kate McSwain is the co-CEO of American Ice Theatre and a TOI choreographer.  JC and Kate imparted their extensive knowledge about TOI to an enthusiastic group of coaches and officials.

From the session there were clips that were shared to show various aspects of TOI performances.  The program links have the time in the clip where to find them.  Feel free to watch and enjoy.

CE: Ice Crystal Novice team CE (Russia), for the mirror, 1:06:24


Ballet: Boston Forte (USA), 1 hr 10 min.

Aztecas (Mexico), 30:14

Intermediate level CE 2019:


Open level CE 2021: National TOI Birmingham_OpenFS_11.mp4?dl=0 National TOI Birmingham_IntermediateFS_22.mp4?dl=0 Jun 25, 5 53 03

Nations Cup

In April 2019 the Nations Cup was held in France.  This is one of the largest Theatre on Ice events with over 40 teams competing from countries including USA, France, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Mexico and Australia.

The Australian teams were Pacific Stars and Sydney Ice Theatre.  Both teams competed in Senior and placed 9th and 10th respectively.  Congratulations and well done.

You can watch the event via the links below:

Day 1

Day 2

The next Nations Cup is to be held in Boston USA in April 2021.  A press release has been issued.  Click here for details. 

Nations' Cup 2019 photo.jpg

International Theatre on Ice Events

Open de France de Ballet 2020 - May 8th to 10th

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