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2024 Nations Cup - Bordeaux

The 2024 Nations Cup and Adult Gold Cup will be held in Bordeaux, France from 24th to 28th April 2024.  

The Information Booklet has been released - click here to download.

For Australian teams wanting to compete please email the Sport Development Chair at

Definition of Street Art/Entertainment

For the Choreographic Exercise for 2024, the theme is Street Art/Entertainment.  The following guidelines have been released to clarify what the definition of this theme is.


The google definition of Street Art is merely graffiti or wall art.  The wider definition of Street Art is anything that can be performed or applied on the street for an audiences enjoyment.

This can be graffiti or art on walls, solo dance artists (rap, hip hop or any other type of dance that is done in the street), group performances (flash mob, circus, pantomimes), singers, gymnasts, acrobats, sports being played in the street, etc.  Also music performances can be considered as street art. (buskers, a.o.). 

Street violence, however, should be excluded from the programs eg. political demonstrations, etc.

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